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English Muse: Green Velvet Settee

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Green Velvet Settee

Leave it to the French to design such a perfect piece of furniture. This was in the apartment I rented in Paris for a week recently....I keep thinking about that trip, my little escape from reality. So many of my longtime colleagues are losing their jobs at work and now I feel like a refugee -- still employed but brokenhearted. Somehow posting these pictures here helps me cope, although I know no one but me and three of my friends are reading this. (Hi Elaine darling, I love you.)

I know English Muse is a weird name for a blog by a girl in Los Angeles. But I think it captures my European sensibility. (I hope!) So now I'm going to post more pictures from Paris.

Happy New Year everyone! I wonder what the year will bring.


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