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English Muse: September 2009

Wednesday, September 30, 2009




Bruno Munari...

Brilliant minds...

Beautiful survivors...



What about you?

Marie Claire Maison

White walls and color...



Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sofia Coppola & Louis Vuitton

I was going through some of my old files and found these photos of Sofia Coppola's 2008 ad campaign for the bags and shoes she designed for
Louis Vuitton.

The bags seemed typical LV to me. But the ads were fantastic, so Sofia.

Especially love the Polaroids. (Ok, love the red shoes too...)

What if Sofia did a personal style book with nothing but Polaroids? Could you imagine it? She could take photos of her closet, and her office and all her interesting friends....
I shouldn't be thinking about these things at midnight because it just wakes me up and now it will be 3 a.m. before I get to bed.

O well. Happy Tuesday everyone!

One more!

Pink sunglasses and iPhone.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Temperley Zoetrope

This amazing zoetrope, created to showcase Temperley London's Spring 2010 collection, is like a giant windup music box. It's enchanting, with animated film loops and vintage stills. All set to jazz.

Have a look. What do you think?


Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Weekend!

Hope you have a lovely one! What do you have planned? I really want to go to the beach -- where it's cool -- with my Polaroid camera.


Thursday, September 24, 2009


moon and mountains, originally uploaded by mountaintails.

Hello everyone. It's been such a long day with work. I'm heading to bed a bit early. But I first wanted to share with you this photo of the waxing moon, by Mountaintails on flickr. It's starting to set in the west in Los Angeles...

I also wanted to tell you that Becka delivered the baby! (Sounded like it was an all-night affair!)

Have a lovely evening. See you tomorrow. xo Tina


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nature takes over

Right now I am waiting. Waiting on a babe. I'm a doula you see, so at the moment I am on call for a family who is rather soon going to be welcoming their first baby. I must admit though, the waiting can be tough (and I realise I am only experiencing a fraction of what how the mum is feeling!), not knowing if anything is happening, constantly checking my phone, ready to dash out the door. There is actually a rather long list of things I could and should be doing, but I'm having trouble focusing on anything else other than waiting. One thing has drawn me in, however, a collection of houses overgrown by nature and disappearing into a sea of foliage. These images are so heartbreaking-ly beautiful. Heartbreaking as they are all taken in Detroit, a city who has seen more than its fair share of economic hardship. So, on one hand I am drawn in by these mysterious Secret Garden like forest houses, and on the other sadly wondering what has become of the former tenants. Take a look...

all photos via sweet juniper!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

what I wore today

Hello lovelies! Becka here, I'm so excited to be back here sharing a bit of daily inspiration with you all this week. Thank you for having me, Tina! I wanted to show you all this fantastic flickr group I have recently come across, 'What I Wore Today'. I already love browsing through blogs and photo pools like Wardrobe Remix to see what people are wearing. I love that its real people wearing their own unique style. While this group isn't technically real people, I think it may now be my favourite. You see, this group is drawings only. Yep, everyone who posts in the group whips up a wee sketch of what they've worn that day to show off to us all. Not only are there so many fantastic drawings, but most come with the best little descriptions of what is being worn and why. Love!

Here are a few of my favourites...Photo credits from top: carolyn alexander, gemma correll, tinysketchbook, lizzy stewart, hellojenuine, neithlocay, alma rosa, Sarah McNeil (aka one of my favourite, favourite artists).

Aren't they lovely? All those red cheeks are just too good.


Paris Kitchens

These photos were taken from the latest version of Jeu de Paume's Paris Kitchens, a charming little tome that I've only been able to find in LA's Little Tokyo. (With text in Japanese!)
I love the colorful tins and the make-shift shelves with mismatched crockery.

So charming!!

The first day of the Twitter conference is over...I'm so tired! Going to bed early! See you tomorrow. xoxox


The Museum of Bad Art

Yes, there really is a place, besides my living room, where bad art is proudly displayed. You can view the collection at MOBA online...Of course, the angry, bitter cat caught my eye (maybe because I live with two of them)...
Here is a snippet from the description of this fine work, called Peter the Kitty, acquired from the Salvation Army Thrift Store in Hyde Park, Mass.

"Stirring in its portayal of feline angst. Is Peter hungry or contemplating his place in a hungry world? The artist has evoked both hopelessness and glee with his irrational use of negative space."

This lively painting is called "Circus of Despair." It was found in the trash and put on display at MOBA -- located in Boston. The artist is Unknown.

A few words from the museum site:
"This joyous, frightful circus romp is emblematic of, and yet somehow transcends, Unknown's entire body of work."

And finally "Eileen," another trash-can rescue. A review: "Remarkable in its simplicity, this passionate portrait of a girl with green eyes appeals to every emotion. Which passion was uppermost in the painter's heart? Knife stroke follows brush stroke. The hint of a second signature in the top right corner suggests a struggle. An infinitely interesting and sometimes disturbing neo-primitive portrait."

Also noted: "The painting has what appears to be a knife slash in the canvas -- adding an additional element of drama to an already powerful work."

Donations to keep this museum running are always welcome and, well, sometimes begged for. If you're in the Boston area, you can stop by and see these paintings in person. (Although Eileen was stolen and never recovered, despite the $6.50 reward.)


Ok, my dears, that's all from me today. There's a big Twitter conference in LA tomorrow and I'm going. Very excited to meet Biz Stone, one of the pioneers of Blogger. Yes darlings, our Blogger. (Oh, and he also co-founded Twitter...) I'm sure if I had grown up in the 1990s, my mother would have given me this important advice: Marry a man who knows html. You'll always float right.

/* good night */

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Audrey Tautou & Chanel

Hello everyone! The latest Audrey Tautou Chanel 5 commercial just aired here during a red carpet show before the Emmys. Here's the long version, directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, who worked with Tautou in Amelie.

The commercial was based on a scene from A Very Long Engagement and it was filmed in a railway station in Nice and on the Bosphorus in Istanbul! If that's not romantic enough, it also features Billie Holiday's "I'm a Fool to Want You." Ok, I'm swooning.

Can't wait to see Tautou in the Coco Chanel movie! Have you seen it yet?


Parisian Salon

The beautiful Parisien Salon offers all things for the Francophile: Places to stay when visiting, the best fashion and accessory shops, eateries, wine tasting, chocolates, movies, all!

xo, Flux Capacitor
Making blog posts short and sweet
since 2008


Sunday Morning w/ Marc Jacobs

Hello...Happy Sunday....

I always spend Sunday mornings catching up on my reading: Newspapers, magazines, blogs and, this week, runway photos from New York...

I love Marc Jacobs' new designs for his casual Marc line...

So colorful, like chic magpies. I'm trying to pick a favorite...The girl with the purple plaid shirt and the blue flowered skirt? Or maybe the one wearing polka dots? What do you think?....I wonder if I could get away with wearing the big bunny-ear bow. Probably not. But it provides fodder for such a lovely game of mental dress up!


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Illuminated in Illustration: Daren Newman


Theme Magazine

Theme Magazine

A lifestyle magazine with an Asian focus including amazing fashion editorials

XO Flux
making blog posts short and sweet
since 2008

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Polaroid Notes

Hello everyone...Thank you for the birthday greetings! For my birthday dinner tonight, we had nachos and Helados Mexico popsicles and watched Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday.  Overall, a lovely time. One of my favorite gifts was this set of  Polaroid Notes, 20 notecards featuring -- well -- Polaroids. The red balloons are especially wonderful, I think...

The set was curated by Jenifer Altman  and printed by Chronicle Books, which produces very cool stuff. ...